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About us

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Alpiq is a company of Swiss origin, created in 2009, through the merger of the historic Atel and EOS, founded in Switzerland in 1894 and 1919 respectively.

Alpiq continues the legacy of both entities, and is currently the Swiss leader in the generation and supply of electricity and gas and is present throughout the energy sector's value chain.

Alpiq Group has a strong presence in Europe and has an infrastructure with an installed capacity of 5,900 MW, generating hydro, nuclear, conventional and renewable thermal energy. In parallel, Alpiq has a highly developed supply and trading business, present in the main European gas and electricity markets, in which it manages large-scale wholesale operations and offers its customers integral solutions to cover their energy needs, both gas and electricity supply, as access to these markets and management of the risks linked to them.

Alpiq is energy with a future.

Alpiq has a solid and stable group of shareholders, including the EOS Holding consortium (31%), the Atel consortium of minority shareholders (31%) and EDF (25%), through its EDF Alpes Investissements vehicle.

In Spain, Alpiq operates its own power generation facilities and offers solutions mainly oriented to the industrial sector such as the supply of power and gas, as well as market access or risk management, with a diversified customer base in sectors such as chemistry, automotive, food, pulp and paper or ceramics.


We are a Spanish company, with Swiss roots, dedicated to the generation of electrical energy, the supply of gas and power, the provision of market access and risk management services associated with energy markets.

We offer agile, flexible and competitive solutions for our clients, fulfilling our commitments with them to fully satisfy their needs in the energy field and allow them to focus their efforts on their main business.

We strictly comply with the applicable regulations and are respectful with our colleagues, with everyone who collaborates with us, and with the environment. We are committed to the efficient execution of our tasks and the continuous improvement of all our operations. In addition, we work hard to remunerate our shareholders in an attractive and stable manner.


The roots of Alpiq Group are based in Switzerland, where quality, innovation, precision, rigor and reliability are the best introduction to the country, something present in the day to day of the company and that is reflected in effective teamwork and in an exquisite deal with the client, summarized in the values for which the Alpiq Group is guided.

Our values

We are reliable

Because long-lived business relationships can only be based on close, reliable contact and excellence by flag, which generates confidence over time.

We are Open minded

We treat our clients as partners and equals, making the maximum effort to understand their needs in order to provide a quick, flexible and simple response.

We are Courageous

We take the initiative and show our clients new perspectives. We are fast in the search of opportunities and efficient at the time of executing projects.

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