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Customer Solutions

With the industrial sector as the main focus of attention, Alpiq Spain has a wide range of Solutions adapted to provide a comprehensive service in terms of energy supply needs, associated risk management and market access for our customers, with the support of the strength and experience of Alpiq Group.

Alpiq Spain has a broad infrastructure and knowledge to support its customers in their needs along the entire energy process chain, from generation, gas and power supply to more efficient market access and highly professional risk management.

With a strong presence in the energy sector in practically all of Europe, Alpiq is a leader in the Swiss market. Alpiq wants to achieve its targets, step by step, moving forward with its customers. Alpiq wants to become your trusted energy partner, offering you integral solutions from a single source, without resorting to third parties, taking advantage of market opportunities and the Group's experience, relying on a top quality model for the solutions presented, but adapted to the needs of each client.


Alpiq in Spain, relying on its own infrastructure that already has more than 10 years of presence, provides the best Market Access service (Market Access and Dispatching Services) for Renewable, Cogeneration and Waste plants that want to extract the maximum value from their assets.

Alpiq offers its clients the optimization, from the daily forecast of the operation of its facilities, to the capture of all the opportunities that arise in the different market segments during the 24 hours to maximize the margin of exploitation, including the participation in the markets of higher added value such as Adjustment Services. This allows our clients to share to the maximum the advantages of managing their assets together with large and highly flexible power plants, operated by Alpiq (Plana del Vent), from the experience and supervision of our Dispatching Team, used to capturing the opportunities up to real time.

Within its Value Proposition, Alpiq offers the possibility of integrating into its Secondary Regulatory Zone certified by REE, shared with its Generation assets (Plana del Vent, 800 MW of combined cycle under management in Tarragona), minimizing imbalances by compensation within the zone, and allowing access to additional revenues in Ancillary Services.


Alpiq has a deep and strong presence in the main European markets, which gives us a privileged vision of everything that happens in them, and a great capacity for anticipation. Our trading team has an average experience of more than 15 years and a solid track record.

Through a single and efficient market access, we offer the advantage of being able to manage the risk of our clients with customized hedging products.

From ALPIQ we offer our customers access to highly competitive markets, built over many years as a result of our effective local presence in each European market and our know-how.


Alpiq offers energy supply, covering all the key areas of the service, from its wide experience, with specialists in all fields and high quality standards.

From Alpiq we can help you design the supply of gas and / or power that best suits your business, combining fixed or indexed price schemes, allowing an agile and effective risk management. Everything depends on the profile of each client and their energy needs.

In addition to our permanent advice, we offer our customers access to all information related to their services (measurements, market information, settlements) from our website so you can monitor it at your best convenience.

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