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Discover “The world of Alpiq” – our new interactive Web app

Alpiq’s range of activities is vast, spanning energy production and trading to power station construction and energy services. We have designed an eye-catching new Web app to showcase all our service areas and provide our customers with an accessible overview of everything we do. Welcome to “The world of Alpiq”!

Alpiq is about more than “just” electricity. In addition to energy production, Alpiq is also committed to energy trading and distribution, as well as energy services including energy and plant technology, building technology, e-mobility, transport technology, energy efficiency and more. This broad portfolio of services is now available to view in “The world of Alpiq” – a new, specially designed and interactive Web app.

“The world of Alpiq” brings together all of Alpiq’s services in a single 3-D graphic, which we call the “big picture”. Visitors to “The world of Alpiq” are invited to explore the interactive Alpiq landscape, and to learn about the entire Alpiq portfolio, presented in an eye-catching, user-friendly Web app.

The Web app “The world of Alpiq” is available in German, French, Italian and English, and is optimised for tablet, PC, laptop and large presentation screens, making it ideal for use in displays at trade fairs and events. “The world of Alpiq” is a stand-alone Web app designed to complement the existing group websites such as and, which contain detailed information on all the areas of specialisation of Alpiq and Alpiq InTec.

Discover “The world of Alpiq”: