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Alpiq awarded major contract as part of construction project for new high-speed rail line between Milan and Genoa

Lausanne – Alpiq has been awarded an 86.5 million euro contract for the construction of the railway technology on the new high-speed rail link between Milan and Genoa. This project represents a further consolidation of Alpiq’s strategic position as an international supplier of transport technology solutions.

Italy is expanding its rail network in the north of the country with an additional high-speed link between Milan and Genoa. The rail line is scheduled to go into operation in 2021. As part of the Saturno consortium, Alpiq will be responsible for the planning, construction and commissioning of the railway technology on the new 53 kilometre high-speed rail line. The contract encompasses the catenary wires, high-voltage lines and supply lines, substations, auxiliary equipment and remote monitoring systems. For Alpiq, the contract amounts to 86.5 million euro. The awarding of the contract enables Alpiq to consolidate its railway technology expertise for high-speed rail lines in Italy. Alpiq previously proved this expertise during the construction of the high-speed rail line between Treviglio and Brescia, which was put into operation on 11 December 2016. In February 2016, Alpiq installed new catenary wires specifically for a speed record attempt. With a speed of 394 kilometres per hour, the test train broke the all-time Italian rail speed record. Alpiq is playing a decisive role in the construction of Italy’s high-speed rail network In Italy, Alpiq’s railway and transport technology business is focused on the project management, construction and commissioning of turnkey electrification systems for local transport and urban rail systems, in particular on railway technology for high-speed rail lines. The award of yet another contract in Italy consolidates Alpiq’s strong position in the rail and transport technology sector. Within the Alpiq Group, this is a strategic area of growth. Alpiq is a pioneering railway technology specialist, covers the entire added value chain and implements projects around the globe. In March 2015, with the purchase of the Italian rail and transport technology specialist Balfour Beatty Rail S.p.A., Alpiq increased the geographical diversification of its corporate portfolio. Find more information about Alpiq on