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Alpiq gives Dominique Gisin a unique start

This season Alpiq has once more come up with a unique campaign as part of its commitment to Swiss-Ski: The energy company is providing Swiss ski racer Dominique Gisin with a specially designed fan helmet on which pictures of her supporters are affixed so they can accompany her during the race. Last year Alpiq caused a sensation with the largest greetings card in the world.

Once more Alpiq has come up with an unusual campaign for winter sports fans. Called "Fanpower Pure", it offers all fans of Dominique Gisin the unique opportunity to decorate the ski racer's helmet with their best smile and in this way accompany her during the race and egg her on to victory. Fans of Gisin can upload a picture to and submit it to a vote. Each of the nine helmets will be decorated with a winner's photo, i.e. the one that receives the most votes. The winner will be presented with the original helmet, have the opportunity to meet Gisin, and be given two VIP tickets for the 2011 World Cup Final in Lenzerheide.

Gisin: "All my fans have brought me luck" With her sunny disposition and sporting achievements, Gisin impressed Alpiq from the outset and turned the collaboration into a success story. Since May 2010 the energy company has acted as the individual sponsor for the 25-year-old ski racer from Engelberg, who is delighted with the success of the campaign: "I've received lots of great feedback, from current and former athletes. So far, all my fans have brought me luck. I'm proud that 120 fans have already accompanied me to the podium."

During the 2009/2010 ski season, Alpiq supported Swiss winter sports athletes with its "Power to the Fans" campaign featuring the world's largest greetings card. The card hung on Lac de Cleuson dam for several weeks as a symbolic good-luck message to athletes during the Winter Olympics.

Alpiq has been official sponsor of the Swiss-Ski association since 1 May 2009. As an energy company, Alpiq shares with Swiss-Ski not only a commitment to Switzerland's various regions and partnership with alpine cantons, but also energy, which both Alpiq and the athletes draw on to produce peak performance day after day.