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Alpiq Infra AG wins a Gotthard contract

The full-service contract for fitting out the shell construction of ancillary structures has been awarded to the EquiTec Gotthard consortium, a joint venture between Alpiq Infra and Implenia.

The EquiTec Gotthard consortium (ETG), a joint venture between Alpiq Infra and Implenia, has signed a contract with AlpTransit Gotthard AG, the awarding authority of the Gotthard and Ceneri base tunnels, to equip the shell construction of adjoining structures in the so-called Lot E of the Gotthard project. Alpiq Infra provides the lead and temporary services for the railway infrastructure lot, and is therefore responsible for an important part of this momentous 57-kilometre-long construction project.

Lot E is a subset of fitting out the Gotthard base tunnel's shell construction and consists of the Amsteg sub-sections, the Faido and Sedrun multifunctional sites, the portal buildings including the Sedrun access points, and the Sedrun shaft head including access galleries. ETG's work covers the planning, development and implementation of the entire mechanical and electromechanical equipment for the two multifunctional sites, the central ventilation units and the railway technology buildings in Sedrun and Faido. It also includes the manufacture, installation and commissioning of all the equipment. The core of Lot E is the ventilation technology for the subterranean railway technology buildings which house all the installations. The contract also covers the power supply and earthing of all shell construction equipment and all crane equipment at the multifunctional sites. Both ETG partners can draw on each others' expertise and pool their experience in railway technology.

The contract is worth around CHF 45 million, of which Alpiq Infra's share is 50%. The core service packages, electrical installations, earthing and ventilation are to be provided by Alpiq subsidiaries. Installation work starts in August 2012, and the final handover is scheduled for the end of May 2016.

This contract for Alpiq Infra AG will reinforce and further expand the company's strategy as a full-service provider.