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Alpiq pools electricity from waste incineration plants

Since 2008 Alpiq has been the Swiss leader in marketing electricity generated from waste incineration plants (WIPs). A new WIP pool set up by Alpiq will bundle this energy and make it available to Swissgrid as balancing energy. In so doing, the WIP pool will make a key contribution to the stability of the electricity grid. This will also boost decentralised electricity generation.

Swiss waste incineration plants generate more than 1,300,000,000 kWh (or 1,300 GWh) of electricity a year. Alpiq markets more than one third or 450,000,000 kWh (450 GWh) of this volume, making it the leading provider of WIP electricity in Switzerland.

Balancing energy for Swissgrid With the launch of a new WIP pool, Alpiq is bundling this energy and making it available as an ancillary service to Swissgrid, the national transmission grid operator. The first delivery contract for the pool was signed with GEVAG (WIP Trimmis) in the spring of this year. Other agreements have already been signed and are now being technically linked up to Alpiq systems.

The new pool will enable WIP electricity to play a key role in the stability of Switzerland's electricity grid, since power generation and consumption must be continually balanced to ensure a stable grid. Ancillary services help to balance electricity generation with demand.