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Alpiq purchases Hispaelec, EDF's sales company in Spain

Atel Energía, the Spanish subsidiary of Alpiq Holding Ltd., has purchased Hispaelec. Hispaelec is a company of the group Eléctricité de France (EDF) in Spain. EDF is one of the leading energy companies in Europe.

With the acquisition of Hispaelec, the sales company of the EDF Group in Spain, Alpiq has strengthened its leading position in Spain as an independent electricity retailer. Atel Energía and Hispaelec together, sell more than three TWh of electricity per annum, which equates to the energy consumption of one million households. Atel Energía and Hispaelec manage a portfolio of more than 800 customers in the high voltage segment from all sectors of industry and service providers. While Atel Energía is based in Barcelona, Hispaelec has its headquarters in Madrid. This geographical division permits optimum customer service.

The acquisition of Hispaelec by Atel Energía will take place in December 2009. Alpiq and EDF have agreed not to disclose the price of the transaction.

Continuous expansion of electricity sales in Spain Atel Energía has been active in the Spanish electricity business for the last three years and has a portfolio of more than 700 customers in the high voltage segment. It sells electricity to medium-sized and large industrial companies as well as service providers such as underground railway operators, telecommunications companies, hotels, distribution chains, financial institutes, universities, hospitals and amusement parks throughout Spain.

Atel Energía has consolidated its position in the Spanish electricity business this year. In the meantime it belongs to the leading energy suppliers and electricity importers in the country. Atel Energía intends to grow further in the Spanish market. The acquisition of Hispaelec, which has been active in the Spanish market for more than eight years and has customers throughout the country,is a further step in this direction.

Atel Energía holds the leading position Atel Energía has established itself in the market as the leading alternative energy provider that does not belong to one of the traditional Spanish electricity companies. According to the public report of the Spanish Electricity Trading Centre OMEL issued in August 2009, in July 2009 Atel Energía supplied 275 GWh of electricity to customers. This puts Atel Energía in fifth place amongst the energy providers in Spain.