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Alpiq signs partnership with Mitsubishi

Alpiq is making further strides in the field of electromobility. The group has signed a partnership agreement with Mitsubishi to deliver 100 charging stations or Home Charge Devices (HCD) to the Japanese automobile manufacturer. Alpiq will be exhibiting at the 81st Geneva Car Show to be held from 3 to 13 March 2011 at the PALEXPO.

With the quality of its virtually CO2-free electricity generation, the reliability of its grid and its high density of automobiles, Switzerland is an ideal market for provisioning electric cars. Drawing on its expertise in the electricity and installation fields, Alpiq makes an important contribution to promoting electromobility in this country. One of its strong suites is a solution set for optimal implementation of a charging structure for electric cars in the Swiss network.

Important findings from studies Studies conducted in recent years have enabled Alpiq to evaluate the effects of provisioning electric cars from the Swiss network. These studies produced important information on the infrastructure. On the one hand, the Swiss electricity grid is able to cope with the introduction of electric cars on a massive scale; on the other hand, the topography of our country, coupled with the social and demographic attributes of future drivers suggest that the "sleep & charge" method is the most efficient, cost-effective charging system to be targeted in the medium term. This system enables vehicles to be charged up at home in the garage or parking space. Alpiq reckons that around 90 percent of the electricity required be charged up overnight.

Five Mitsubishi i-MiEV acquired Thanks to the close cooperation Alpiq has enjoyed with Protoscar since 2008 and the latest cooperation with Mitsubishi, Alpiq is now able to present an innovative technical solution for home charge devices. The solution, to be unveiled as a Swiss premiere on the e’mobile stand at the 81st Geneva Car Show from 3 to 13 March 2011, is a smart home charging station developed by Protoscar in cooperation with Alpiq and Mitsubishi. To this end, Alpiq has acquired five Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric cars for daily short-distance use.

100 Home Charger Devices A few days ago Alpiq signed another partnership agreement with Mitsubishi for Home Charge Devices (HCD), under the terms of which Alpiq is to exclusively deliver the first series of 100 HCDs to Mitsubishi. For its part, the Japanese automobile manufacturer will offer the devices as an optional extra with its Type i-MiEV electric car. This option covers not only the HCD itself, but a complete package with installation guaranteed by Alpiq. Energy Services, with its workforce of around 3,700 at 80 locations throughout Switzerland, will be responsible for installing the HCDs.