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Alpiq to divest share in Swissgrid

Lausanne – The Alpiq Board of Directors has decided to divest its non-strategic share in Swissgrid AG, and to initiate the sales process. The respective bodies at Swissgrid have been informed of the intention to sell. Alpiq holds a share of 34.7 % in the transmission grid operator.

At the beginning of 2013, Alpiq transferred its part in the Swiss high-voltage grid to the national grid company Swissgrid in return for stocks as prescribed under the law. The entire Swiss transmission grid (220/380 kV) is owned and operated by Swissgrid.

The current Alpiq share in Swissgrid represents a financial asset that will now be divested. Sale proceeds will be invested in new growth areas under the framework of the Alpiq Group strategy.

Alpiq will coordinate the divestment process with Swissgrid shareholders and involved authorities in order to reach a constructive solution for all the stakeholders. Alpiq will take Swiss regulatory and energy policy into account in this process.