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Alpiq Wins a Digital Technology Award

Lausanne – Alpiq won the 'Good Practice of the Year' award for its use of digital technology to integrate the decentralised energy generation landscape. The 'Renewables Grid Initiative' presented Alpiq with the award during the 3rd Energy Infrastructure Forum in Copenhagen on 1 June 2017.

The European association 'Renewables Grid Initiative' (RGI) awarded Alpiq for the development and exemplary use of state-of-the-art digital technology for the effective integration of energy producers and consumers in the decentralised energy landscape. With the award, the jury acknowledges the development of a real-time data-to-decision platform and recognises its relevance for use in today's energy landscape, as well as the potential as an attractive business model.

With the platform, Alpiq consolidates various decentralised energy users in a comprehensive, integrated system and derives their optimal use for different applications. Examples include advantageous grid utilisation, balancing energy markets, and short-term trading. The platform has been in use commercially since November 2016. It controls various, decentralised assets in real time and supports the management of energy use, storage, generation, as well as the optimisation of flexibility contracts with largely automated decision-making.

Alpiq's use of digital technology underpins its efforts to take on the challenges of the digital energy market and become the leading energy service provider in Europe. Complex processes take place at the core of the platform. Mathematical models and self-learning algorithms simulate potential developments and find the optimal decisions. The central processes are based on algorithms originating from data science, mathematics and artificial intelligence. The advantages of the platform are its adaptability and scalability for use with diverse applications as well as its high performance data processing.

Alpiq won the award in the category Technology & Design. The award was presented in Copenhagen on 1 June 2017 during the international Energy Infrastructure Forum. RGI awards the 'Good Practice of the Year' prize annually based on the recommendation of a jury of experts. RGI is a European association of transmission grid operators and environmental organisations. The aim of the initiative is the complete integration of renewable energy sources in European power grids. Among other issues, RGI promotes the development of intelligent power grids.

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