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Atel’s award-winning Hungarian companies

The Atel Group’s Budapest-based companies carried off no less than three awards in November 2004: first place in the «Healthy Workplace Award», second ranking in the «Best Workplace in Hungary» survey, and an award for exemplary communication on environmental matters.

2004 is the second year that the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary invited applicants for the «Healthy Workplace Amcham Award». In the medium-sized companies category, Atel Csepel Business won joint first place with Colgate-Palmolive Magyarország Kft. Participating companies were judged on occupational health, healthy nutrition, a proactive stance on addiction, and workplace ergonomics.

In early November, Budapest’s Figyelö business newspaper published the rankings in its «Best Workplace in Hungary» survey. Among the 100 or so companies taking part, Atel Csepel Business came in second in the large companies category; they were principally rated on factors like employee satisfaction, motivation, workplace quality, and institutionalised HR processes.

Deloitte & Touche picked Atel Csepel Business as the winner of its Central European Environmental Communication Award, citing exemplary communication surrounding the company’s environmental activities.

Allan Walmsley, CEO of Atel’s companies in Hungary, believes that a healthy and positive workplace environment and responsible environmental awareness are important factors that contribute to long-term business success.

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