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Easy to use access and accounting system for e-charging stations available as of January

Zurich – As of January 2016, a Swiss-wide access and accounting system for battery charging stations will be available on the market under the name «easy4you». The product developed by Alpiq, Swisscom and Zurich Insurance will be presented at the Electromobility Convention in Berne on 7/8 December 2015. The advantages compared to other systems: Similar to conventional service stations, all customers can charge their vehicles without the inconvenience of an appointment, and then pay at the station. For the first time, the new system combines all three elements required for the operation and utilisation of a Swiss-wide network of electric vehicle charging stations.

The unique system functions very simply. Customers can easily and quickly register via an app or the Internet. The system is easy to understand and can be accessed by means of an identification card (RFID), smartphone app or QR code. A 24-hour hotline is available for technical problems. Alpiq E-Mobility, Swisscom Managed Mobility and Zurich Insurance developed the standardised access and accounting system with an integrated mobility guarantee in 2015, and will launch the product to the market under the name «easy4you» in January 2016. The innovation will be presented to the trade audience at the Electromobility Convention in Berne on 7/8 December 2015.

«easy4you» combines software, network and hotline

For the first time, the new system combines all three elements required for the operation and utilisation of a battery charging station network. The elements are software for the access and accounting system, a roaming network for communication with users and providers, as well as a hotline for charging problems and towing services. All drivers of electric cars, charging station operators, as well as companies that use the charging station network and want to offer access to charging infrastructure as a service will benefit from the «easy4you» system. The system is easily integrated in proprietary or third party charging stations and can be configured individually. «easy4you» processes prices, tariffs and special conditions tailored to the operators at comparatively low operating costs.

As of January 2016, the product will be available at Alpiq E-Mobility AG or through a provider. A provider could be an electric car manufacturer, a charging station operator, or a provider of e-mobility services, for example an energy company.


With its subsidiary Alpiq E-Mobility AG, Alpiq is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the easy4you operating system and charging infrastructure. Alpiq manufactures charging stations as a general contractor, supports the operators with complementary solutions, and also provides the hardware including all the technical service levels.

With its subsidiary Swisscom Managed Mobility, Swisscom ensures permanent and uninterrupted communications with the charging stations and provides the associated network required for smooth operation. The customer registers using a smartphone app, which, for example, enables registration using a QR code or, in the future, with NFC wireless communication.

The Zurich Insurance Group ensures that drivers of electric vehicles always reach their destination even if the charging stations are temporarily out of operation. If a technical defect on the charging station or a damaged charging mechanism make it impossible to continue the journey, Zurich immediately organises breakdown assistance and the towing service – 365 days a year and around the clock.