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Further decrease of gross debt following conclusion of bonds buyback

Lausanne – Alpiq Holding Ltd. (Alpiq) has successfully completed its fourth buyback of bonds. Overall, bonds totalling CHF 300 million will be repurchased. With this measure, the company is further decreasing its gross debt and financing costs in line with its financial strategy.

The tender offer was limited to a maximum nominal value of CHF 300 million and applied to five outstanding bonds due 25 November 2019, 20 September 2021, 16 May 2022, 30 June 2023 and 29 July 2024 with a total nominal value of CHF 1,138 million. The tender offer ended on 13 September 2018. In total, Alpiq bonds with a nominal value of CHF 374 million were tendered for buyback. Of these, Alpiq accepted CHF 300 million. The repurchased bonds will be settled and cancelled as per 18 September 2018.

Thus, the fourth buyback has also been successfully concluded, enabling Alpiq to further reduce its gross debt in line with its financial strategy. The annual interest costs will be decreased by CHF 8.3 million.

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