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Guinness World Record for Alpiq!

We've done it: Alpiq has been awarded the prestigious "Guinness World Record" title for its giant greetings card on Lac de Cleuson dam. The record was confirmed by Guinness World Records Ltd on 17 February 2010. Alpiq's 2,700m2 card has been hanging at an altitude of 2,000 meters since 8 February, wishing Swiss winter sports athletes good luck for the current season.

The gigantic greetings card, measuring no less than 43 meters in height and 63 meters in width, has been attracting attention in the 4Vallées ski region of the Valais since it was hung on Lac de Cleuson dam on 8 February 2010. Now our hopes have been realised: the greetings card has been awarded the "Guinness World Record" title for the world's largest poster. The title was confirmed by Guinness World Records Limited in London on 17 February 2010.

Alpiq breaks Swedish record In an accelerated checkup, the British company supported Alpiq's claim to the record. On the very day the gigantic poster was affixed to the dam of Lac de Cleuson, a notary examined the card's dimensions and confirmed that it beats the existing record, set in Sweden in May 2009. The poster in Stockholm measured 11 x 28 meters. Now there is a good chance of Alpiq's greetings card making it into the Guinness Book of Records, due for publication in September 2010. Unless anyone produces a larger poster by then, Alpiq's place among the 4,000 other record holders is assured.

Stylish world record bag now even more in demand The world record poster with its 3,645 good-luck wishes will be displayed on Lac de Cleuson dam until mid-March 2010, following which each good-luck message will be incorporated in a stylish shopping bag which fans will soon be able to order online from Now, with world record status, the bags are even more sought after.