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New electricity product for the Olten region

Four regional generators – Atel Versorgungs AG (AVAG), Elektrizitätsgesellschaft Schönenwerd (EGS), Elektra Untergäu (eug) and the Städtische Betriebe Olten (sbo) – today began offering their customers an eco-electricity product under the aarestrom brand name. Customers can choose to source their electricity from a trio of hydroelectric power stations located at Flumenthal, Ruppoldingen and Gösgen.

Regional generators launch eco-electricity

The imminent opening of the electricity supply market prompted this joint offering by the four marketing partners. The partners are offering customers electricity from 100% renewable energy sources out of a shared conviction that consumers should have the opportunity to freely choose their electricity mix right now, rather than being compelled to wait for market opening. AVAG, EGS, eug and sbo are launching their aarestrom product on the market immediately, to address the requirements of ecologically aware customers.

Electricity for the new product is generated exclusively by three hydroelectric power stations operated by Atel Hydro AG on the river Aare. The electricity generated by the three power stations at Flumenthal, Ruppoldingen and Gösgen is certified by TÜV SÜD. This means that aarestrom is an especially environment-friendly form of electrical energy. An external watchdog will check annually whether the quantity of aarestrom sold exceeds the combined generating capacity of the three hydroelectric power stations.

Consumers supplied by the four utilities between Kappel and Schönenwerd now have the option to obtain 100% of their electricity from local, CO2-free hydroelectric sources. They will pay a surcharge of 2 cents per kilowatt-hour, which for the average Swiss household consuming 4,000 kWh represents an additional expense of just CHF 80 per year. The 2 cents/kWh will be paid into a fund to promote renewable energy (water, solar, wind, biomass) in the Olten region.

Atel Versorgungs AG, AVAG Elektra Untergäu, eug Elektrizitätsgesellschaft Schönenwerd, EGS Städtische Betriebe Olten, sbo