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Synergies to provide higher-performance, more attractive energy services

Romande Energie and Alpiq have just forged a partnership in the field of energy efficiency, a key element of Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050 and the new Vaud energy law. The two companies will now be offering a range of services across the whole of French-speaking Switzerland, including the installation of heat pumps and solar thermal panels.

Synergy is the keyword for the partnership signed on 28 February 2014 between Romande Energie and Alpiq InTec Romandie. With this partnership in energy services, the two companies are bundling their skills, especially when it comes to marketing, engineering, installation and customer service. The result is an optimised level of service quality and economies of scale from which the customer can benefit directly. The first example of the new strategy comes in the form of the joint promotional offers at the 2014 Habitat-Jardin exhibition.

Flagship service: heat pumps The partnership will focus on the sale and installation of heat pumps. Although Romande Energie is currently the Vaud market leader in the renovation sector, its turnkey solution has, until now, been targeted exclusively at private individuals. For its part, Alpiq InTec focuses on business customers and is very active across the whole of French-speaking Switzerland.

With their combined skills and services, the two companies can offer a complete range of services aimed at both private and business customers. In addition, they have technical teams at their disposal who can guarantee any customer in French-speaking Switzerland both local contacts and quality service.

The partnership also covers the installation of solar thermal panels; other energy services could be added at a later date.

In tune with the energy market The services offered by Romande Energie and Alpiq InTec rely on renewable energy and help contribute to more efficient use of energy resources, making them exactly in line with Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050, which has made energy efficiency one of the key elements.

The services also allow a response to new cantonal regulations, such as those set out in the new Vaud energy law, which will come into force on 1 July 2014 and stipulates that new builds must cover at least 30% of their requirements for hot water for sanitation and 20% of their requirements for electricity using renewable energy.