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With its own photovoltaic system, Alpiq presents itself as a full-range provider for solar projects

Lausanne – Alpiq has put its largest photovoltaic system with an output of 1.2 MW into operation. Located in Kestenholz in the Swiss canton of Solothurn, the 7,399-square-metre system generates approximately 1,200,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. With this system, Alpiq underpins its competence in the project management, planning, construction and operation of decentralised energy generation systems. Within the context of the strategic realignment, Alpiq is further expanding its service offerings.

Alpiq carried out the project management for the photovoltaic system in the form of a comprehensive solution and will also operate the system. With a surface area of 7,399 square metres, 4,549 solar modules generate approximately 1,200,000 kWh per year. The generated energy is fed directly into the local electricity grid. The electricity generation is equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 250 households.

In line with its strategy, Alpiq is further expanding its service offerings with the planning, construction and operation of decentralised energy generation systems. Alpiq designs and installs turn-key photovoltaic systems in all sizes and upon request, will in future also equip them with the innovative GridSense load management technology. If required, Alpiq, as a full-range provider, supplements the systems with storage solutions and Smart Grid applications or carries out projects in the form of contracting solutions. In February 2015, Alpiq strengthened its market presence in the photovoltaic sector with the takeover of the Helion Solar Group, the market leader in the field of photovoltaic and decentralised energy storage systems.

The system in Kestenholz near the town of Oensingen is larger than a standard football field and uses the roofs of two industrial buildings. It was put into operation in January 2015 and will be officially inaugurated on 28 April 2015. Alpiq sells the solar electricity to the local energy provider, Energie Kestenholz. Aare Energie AG (a.en) purchases the ecological added value in the form of certificates. The photovoltaic system in Kestenholz is one of the largest in the Swiss midland region.