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Dream home with «Happy Day» – and with Alpiq InTec

In the SRF programme «Happy Day», the building-technology professionals from Alpiq InTec in Lupfig help make other people happy. They will be back in action on 31 May 2014 – and once again, their remit will be to make something new out of something old.

Five times a year, presenter Röbi Koller makes the impossible possible in his Swiss TV programme «Happy Day» by fulfilling the heartfelt wishes of his viewers. For example, the «Happy Day» team can be seen conjuring up a cosy home from an old residential property. On each occasion, an apartment or a house is either converted or even entirely refurbished.

Since 2009, the team from Alpiq InTec Ost AG in Lupfig (formerly Wüst Haustechnik AG) has been responsible for realising all installation works in the fields of sanitary facilities, heating and ventilation on the Swiss plateau for «Happy Day». On Saturday, 31 May 2014, at 20.10 p.m., Alpiq employees will be seen in action for this programme for the eighth time.