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Alpiq, Campillo Palmera and Ecoinversol launch pioneering Green Hydrogen Mobility project in Murcia

Lausanne/Molina de Segura/Madrid — Alpiq, Campillo Palmera and Ecoinversol announce their strategic collaboration in the development of a pioneering green hydrogen initiative in the industrial heart of Molina de Segura, Murcia. This project, operating under the project company “Almolina H2 SL”, is currently in the initial stages of engineering and permitting, with the goal of achieving “Ready to Build” status by the end of 2024. Additionally, this collaboration has been presented within the second call of the H2 Pioneers Program, a key instrument of the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The initiative aims to catalyze a sustainable, pioneering project in the region's freight transport sector, with plans to expand into industrial applications, thus strengthening the local economy in Molina de Segura and the region of Murcia. This municipality, recognized as a vibrant industrial hub and located a short distance from the capital, stands out as a strategic point for this initiative, thanks to its prominent role in national and international freight transport and its proximity to the mediterranean corridor.

The project will incorporate a 10 MW electrolyzer powered by dedicated solar PV. Alpiq Energía España will supply the additional energy required through a PPA from 100% renewable sources, ensuring compliance with the European green hydrogen taxonomy. With an estimated production of approximately 1,200 tons of green hydrogen per year, the project is designed to significantly reduce the carbon footprint, offsetting around 14,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

In this context, Paula del Castillo, Country Manager of Alpiq Energía España, comments: “With this project, Alpiq underlines its commitment to a sustainable energy business. We are pleased to promote the development of green hydrogen as one of the most important energy vectors in the decarbonization process in Spain, and especially in logistics activity, mainly in long distance Operations.”

As part of this plan, a green hydrogen refueling station will be developed within Campillo Palmera's logistics facilities, which will not only serve its fleet, but will also be available to meet the needs of other interested entities. After more than 15 years at the forefront of the green transition, Campillo Palmera is taking another step in its journey using clean technologies, in addition to its plans to introduce fuel cell-powered trucks in 2026.

Alpiq, a leading Swiss electricity producer in Europe with a strong presence in the hydrogen chain through projects such as the Swiss Hydrospider ecosystem, brings invaluable experience, further strengthening this collaboration. For its part, Ecoinversol, with a long history of promoting and developing renewable energies in Spain, joins this coalition, emphasizing sustainable and environmentally friendly energy management.

Ralph Dassonville, head of Alpiq's Hydrogen Development team, underlines: “This project marks a milestone in our strategy in Spain. Our goal is to position ourselves as a reliable provider of mobility through green hydrogen in Europe, and Molina de Segura represents our first significant step on this path in Spain.”

Joaquín Campillo, CEO of Campillo Palmera, adds: “Pioneers in sustainability for more than fifteen years, we started by purifying all our wastewater, continued incorporating to our fleet ecologically advanced tractor-trailers with low-emission engines, reaching today 100% use of electric energy of sustainable origin. Now we are taking another revolutionary leap, getting involved in this ambitious project that fully identifies with our environmental protection policy and prepares us to incorporate into our fleet vehicles powered by green hydrogen, with the ambition of having, by the end of this decade, vehicles with reduced emissions.”

Juan Carlos de Pablo, managing partner of Ecoinversol, notes: “In 2018 we pioneered the development of the first integrated green hydrogen project for the Spanish logistics sector, which has been operational since 2022; this new project represents a change of scale and a technological leap in the growth of innovative applications of this energy vector.”

With the launch of this green hydrogen platform, all entities involved are committed to setting a new standard in clean energy, aiming to transform Molina de Segura into a sustainable logistics center through the use of green hydrogen as a fuel for road freight transport in Europe.

About Alpiq

Alpiq is a leading Swiss energy service provider and electricity producer in Europe. Alpiq offers its customers comprehensive and efficient services in the fields of energy generation and trading as well as energy optimisation. As an international energy trader, Alpiq is active in all major European markets, including Spain. With many years of experience in origination, Alpiq provides tailor-made offerings in market access, asset and risk management, as well as market representation services, and is a European leader in long-term purchase agreements (PPAs). Among other things, Alpiq is involved in the Swiss Hydrospider ecosystem, which provides a low-carbon transport service by producing hydrogen and delivering it to distribution stations. The ecosystem currently consists of up to 50 hydrogen-powered trucks, which have already covered more than 7 million kilometres, and currently 16 hydrogen filling stations.

About Campillo Palmera

Since its founding in 1954, the Campillo Palmera Group has marked a legacy of excellence and diversification in the areas of transportation, logistics and real estate. Beginning its trajectory with a single truck, it has prospered to become a pillar in the transportation of industrial and perishable goods, as well as industrial logistics in Spain. Today, it stands out with a fleet of more than 500 trucks and 60,000 m² of logistics infrastructure, generating a significant impact with an annual turnover of approximately 60 million euros. Through the symbiosis of tradition and innovation, advanced technology and continuous development of its personnel, Campillo Palmera not only guarantees a competitive position in the future, but also a superior service, as accredited by ISO 9001, SQAS and IFS certifications.

About Ecoinversol

Ecoinversol is a benchmark in the incubation, development and management of renewable energy projects, focusing its efforts on the use of photovoltaic energy and green hydrogen. Since its founding in 2003, it has pioneered initiatives such as jointly owned photovoltaic parks and energy efficiency systems, especially in lighting. More recently, it has expanded its horizon into large-scale photovoltaic projects and innovative ventures in green hydrogen, especially for logistics. Ecoinversol works to identify and develop clean energy project opportunities, frequently collaborating with project sponsors to secure public and private financing solutions. Ecoinversol is an active member of the Logistop association, where it leads the decarbonization area.


Dolores Sanchez Muñoz

Campillo Palmera

Carmen Campillo


Juan Carlos de Pablo