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Gas trading products for a secure and flexible portfolio

Trading gas requires a flexible portfolio and agile sourcing and hedging. New gas trading possibilities and market platforms demand dynamic hedging and increase the demands on optimisation transactions. With our gas trading products, you gain the necessary flexibility, secure your portfolio against fluctuation risks, and profit from price benefits.

Risk hedging with Alpiq's gas products

With our Europe-wide portfolio of gas procurement and storage contracts, we provide you with great, comprehensive flexibility, with which you can balance short-term and long-term surpluses or shortages. In addition, we are active for you as portfolio manager or trade partner on the central physical and financial electricity markets. Use Alpiq's products to optimise your portfolio, increase your flexibility, or hedge your risks. We resolve every inquiry individually. Get in touch with us.

Standardised gas trading

What we provide

  • Individual gas delivery
  • Spot and forward products
  • Delivery and supply or purchase agreements at fixed prices or with price indexing
  • Trading possibility with futures and options

Your benefits

  • Access to a wide gas portfolio
  • Trading at current and competitive market prices
  • Low fees
  • Fast reaction times

Structured gas trading

What we provide

  • Individual analysis of your delivery and procurement options
  • Flexible and tailor-made wholesale and supply contracts
  • Index and fixed price products
  • Access to virtual storage
  • Diverse swing options
  • Ensuring physical transport and storage logistics

Your benefits

  • Increase of your flexibility
  • Good budget planning facility due to fixed costs
  • Choice of delivery point
  • Customer-specific product design

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