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Alpiq in Spain

Alpiq is an energy company based in Switzerland. We run power generation facilities in Spain, offering services that are mainly oriented to the industrial sector such as electricity and gas marketing, as well as market access and risk management, and have a portfolio of customers in sectors like forestry and logging, the automotive industry, food, cellulose, paper and ceramics.

We offer adaptable, flexible and competitive solutions for our clients, fulfilling our promise to fully meet their energy needs, and thereby enabling them to focus on their core business.

More information

Alpiq Energía España S.A.U.

Edificio “Iberia Mart I”
Calle Pedro Teixeira, 8
28020 Madrid
T: +34 91 085 55 50
F: +34 91 085 55 51
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Customer service Alpiq Energía España S.A.U.

Free number

T: +34 90 080 20 76