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Market representation and connection to the control centre

Thanks to the experience of our market team, our control centre is at your disposal, and we offer you the chance to be part of our regulation zone in order to minimise the impact of variation in your plant’s output and to optimise your income.

Efficient market access

Our operators, who have ample active experience in adjustment services, offer you the most up-to-date market information and provide you with solutions for managing your forecast risks.

Our services

  • Market representation

  • Connection to the REE-certified control centre

  • Integration in the regulation zone

  • Active participation in the ancillary services market

  • PPA (power purchase agreement) schemes

  • Streamlining of deviation costs within our portfolio

  • Regulatory advice before changes in regulations and dialogue with the main officials

  • Efficient management of your guarantees of origin within the market

Your benefits

  • Being a part of a portfolio of more than 1000 MW

  • Detailed attention to your plant

  • 24/7 market access service ensuring the most efficient management of your plant

  • Optimisation of your operating margin by being a part of the ancillary services market

  • Possibility of active risk management

  • Long-term price insurance schemes, to give your business peace of mind about its investments

  • Web access to your plant’s daily output data, available at all times

  • Web access to the most up-to-date market information