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Given the importance of the energy sector for social and economic development, Alpiq’s energy policy seeks a balance between environmental protection, a sure supply and profitability.

Alpiq means energy with a future

Alpiq aims to generate energy sustainably, while ensuring a sufficient supply at affordable prices. Consequently, our energy policy is based on four fundamental principles:

  • Air quality
    All of the group’s plants are controlled to reduce emission levels, in order to maintain air quality which is vital for the future of our planet, and hence for our future.

  • Water management
    Alpiq manages water responsibly and returns it to the environment in the same condition in which it was initially taken up. To do this, it makes sensible use of water resources; these include the Tarragona plant, which consumes one third less water than conventional plants with an equivalent power output.

  • Protecting the natural environment
    Alpiq seeks to minimise the impact its power plants have, so as not to affect the surrounding biodiversity. We look to care for and protect nature, from the construction phase right through to shut-down.

  • Waste management
    You can find details of the Group's waste management policy, adapted to the European framework directive, online. In addition to managing waste correctly and safely, Alpiq is also working to generate reusable and recyclable products, at the same time as resisting complex reuse processes, thus minimising the quantity of waste produced.

Alpiq also offers the option of energy from certified renewable origins under the European scheme of Origin Guarantees (managed by CNMC in Spain).

Value creation

As part of our business model, Alpiq pursues a policy of excellence in all of its different fields of activity, creating sustainable value in all the countries where the company is present, where it generates wealth, invests and creates jobs.

Alpiq is drawing ever closer to its customers, with which there is an open flow of communication. This translates into sound engagement enabling us to offer our customers the best and most cutting-edge solutions, availing ourselves of the most productive technologies there are, always shaped to meet your needs.

As a leading company in the energy sector, it has the necessary experience to generate sustainable power, always in the lap of innovation and to high standards.


Alpiq recognises the interest in promoting renewable and environmentally friendly energy. On top of this, we use non-renewable resources sustainably, producing a low level of emissions to safeguard and shield the environment.

An essential part of achieving energy efficiency is guaranteeing the energy supply, all the while reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Alpiq aims to make an active contribution to the energy future of our planet. It is investing in renewable energies, such as wind and solar power, making use of intelligent technologies at all levels, designing future-oriented solutions and always looking towards efficient energy consumption by its customers.

Many of the Group's plants are certified under the current environmental regulations. In addition, they are periodically overhauled in order to continue to reduce emissions. The plant in Spain is an example of this, giving out one third less emissions than conventional plants.

Energy resources are finite and awareness of the effects of emissions is paramount in using energy productively.

Alpiq promotes the use of new technologies across all its activities, helping to protect against climate change and pollution, while participating actively in building a green and environmentally-friendly future through research, production, distribution and use of green energy. Alpiq is intent on working towards a better world.

The social dimension

A fundamental part of building a better future is that of keeping up a constant and fluid dialogue with all those groups that interact with Alpiq. Therefore, Alpiq strives to use intelligent and efficient technology so that all who are connected with Alpiq, whether directly or indirectly, benefit and helps to build a better world.

Alpiq is progressively intensifying its commitment to being responsible in order to enrich the value chain, fostering ethical and responsible corporate behaviour. In this regard, it optimally manages its human resources, and all our employees are highly qualified and trained. Nevertheless, we have not lost sight of the importance of increasing equal opportunities in all our areas of activity.

Relations with stakeholders are a fundamental part of life at Alpiq. Accordingly, we seek to understand our customers’ expectations, fostering better communication and dialogue procedures, thereby making an input to social and economic development in all of the countries where we trade.