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Explore Paula Del Castillo's Inspiring Journey at Alpiq Spain!

Meet Paula Del Castillo, Country Manager of Alpiq in Spain, as she reflects on her inspirational journey during her initial 100 days leading Alpiq's operations in Spain.

Paula del Castillo

Country Manager Spain

Reflecting on your first 100 days at Alpiq, could you share some of the most memorable experiences you've had during this period?

Absolutely, my first 100 days at Alpiq have been quite remarkable. Looking back, it's incredible how much can happen in just three months. This period has been very intense, and it’s not easy to summarize all that I have experienced. One of the most interesting aspects has been the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people. Not only have I had the chance to work closely with the Spanish team both in Madrid HQ and in Plana del Vent power plant, but I've also collaborated with colleagues from Switzerland and other countries within the International Division.

You've had the opportunity to interact with colleagues from various countries. How has this diverse and global team environment contributed to your understanding of Alpiq's operations?

Meeting the diverse and global team at Alpiq has been very important. It's given me a broader perspective on how the company operates across different markets and regions. I've been able to learn from colleagues with various backgrounds and expertise, which has allowed me to approach challenges and opportunities from different angles. This global collaboration is truly inspiring and fills me of optimism for the future of Alpiq in the European energy industry.

Paula, were there any special opportunities that you had to connect with your international colleagues at Alpiq?

Certainly. I had the privilege of meeting my international colleagues at a very special employee event that took place at our hydro asset Nant de Drance in the Swiss alps. This event provided a fantastic platform for me to meet my colleagues and enhance our collaboration across borders.

Nant de Drance is a prime example of Alpiq’s strength when it comes to hydro assets, as these pumping power stations play a major role in ensuring the security of supply. These assets contribute significantly to our energy portfolio, not only in terms of generating clean energy but also in maintaining a stable and reliable energy supply for the regions we serve.

Then, fortunately, I have had other great opportunities such as the Leadership Forum and International Division meetings and events.

Paula, can you share any recent significant events or activities that Alpiq in Spain has been involved in?

There has been a lot going on. In August, Alpiq in Spain participated in a notable event hosted at the Swiss Embassy in Madrid, aimed at further establishing our presence in the Spanish market. This opportunity allowed us to connect with stakeholders, exchange insights, and reinforce our position in the dynamic energy landscape, fostering collaborations for our growth. Additionally, we collaborated with Suma Capital on the 'Quijote' photovoltaic project, a significant step toward sustainable energy solutions and our expansion in Spain. We had a very nice Groundbreaking Event to reinforce the relationships with all relevant stakeholders.

Could you share a specific example of a challenge you encountered during your initial months at Alpiq and how you approached finding a solution?

2022 was a very challenging year for all of us. It was full of uncertainties: an energy crunch, a war in Europe, continuous regulation changes… All this fostered anxiousness about the future. Although it was a global phenomenon, fear is personal. People needed a positive message. Serenity. A supportive, reassuring word. But, at the same time, also a strong message, in the confidence that we are a company with great potential, and we must work as hard as we can to achieve our goals. I am glad to have walked this path with my team.

In a dynamic industry like energy, how do you think Alpiq can stay adaptable and responsive to changes while maintaining its core principles and goals?

Adaptability is indeed crucial in the energy industry, where changes seem to be the only constant. Alpiq's strength lies in its core principles and goals, which provide a solid foundation. However, it's equally important to be open to new ideas and strategies that align with these principles. By fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning, we can ensure finding the right balance between adaptation and consistency.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the next phase of your journey at Alpiq? Are there specific milestones or achievements you're aiming for?

I think I have joined Alpiq in a very interesting moment where there are many changes going on to transform Alpiq in a company ready to “sail” in this energy world. I feel there are still many issues to be tackled and challenges to overcome but, seeing the quality of the teams and how we are all collaborating and doing our best to improve processes, tools and ways of working, I think we are in the right track. We need to keep on pushing.

Talking about Spain, I see a great potential (one of the main reasons to accept this challenge) and a portfolio which is already delivering promising results. Nevertheless in the short term we still need to work further on building strong foundations. We need to invest a lot of effort in making processes more robust and implementing the appropriate tools to increase efficiency and accuracy. On the business side, we need to work on optimizing the portfolio in an integrated way, increasing the focus and origination capabilities and, thanks to all these, building competitive advantages for our key activities.