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“We need a solid roadmap for the energy transition”

Madrid/Lausanne - Spain is on its path towards a climate-neutral energy supply and is committed to making its energy system sustainable. The country’s ambitious climate targets are challenging businesses and regulators alike. Alpiq Country Manager Guillermo Negro talks about the growing importance of renewables and calls for a clear roadmap.

We contribute towards the integration of renewables into the energy system, actively managing our customers’ facilities in different markets and helping to mitigate their risks. And we offer competitive solutions that are adapted to our customers’ needs and meet their energy demands in an efficient, reliable and predictable manner. At Alpiq, we are very proud of how our Plana del Vent combined cycle power plant near Tarragona is contributing towards the security of supply. Combined cycle plants are an essential part of the Spanish energy mix, especially in the context of the unprecedented deployment of renewables, which would not be possible without the backup capacities and flexibility that they bring to the system.


Sustainability, competitive prices and security of supply are feasible 

We are convinced that it is possible to combine sustainability, security of supply and competitive prices for both industry and households. This is why we are confident that the Spanish authorities will define a solid and predictable regulatory roadmap that underpins a fair energy transition and enables the deployment of new technologies, even the most disruptive ones (storage, hydrogen, self-consumption, demand-side management), avoiding short-term measures that could cause uncertainty and distort the market. On the other hand, based on our experience on the European energy hubs, we are convinced that Spain must commit to a stronger integration of our energy markets with the rest of Europe, both from a regulatory and infrastructure point of view.


Clean energy at affordable prices

Alpiq supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. This is not merely a rhetorical endorsement and we stand behind all seventeen goals. However, with regard to the Spanish market, we are focused particularly on the seventh, clean energy at affordable prices, the eighth, decent work and economic growth, and the thirteenth, climate action, which are key to our strategic deployment. The Spanish market is essential for Alpiq, and we are working to grow, generate value and be the supplier of choice for companies that need a reliable, flexible and close partner to meet their energy needs.