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The importance of the energy sector for social and economic development means that Alpiq, within its energy policy, seeks a balance between environmental protection, security of supply and profitability.

Alpiq is energy with a future.

Alpiq aims to generate energy in a sustainable manner, while guaranteeing a supply in sufficient quantity and at affordable prices. Therefore, we base our energy policy on four fundamental principles:

  • Air quality: all the group's facilities are controlled so that emissions are limited, in order to preserve the atmosphere, which marks the future of our planet and, therefore, of our future.
  • Water management: Alpiq manages water responsibly and returns it to the environment in the same conditions it initially presented. It makes rational use of hybrid resources, such as the Tarragona plant, which consumes one third less water than conventional plants of equivalent power.
  • Protection of nature: Alpiq makes its best so that the impact of its facilities is minimal and does not affect the biodiversity that surrounds them. The care and protection of nature is present from the construction to the dismantling of all its facilities.
  • Waste managementWaste management: the Group's waste management policy is aligned and adapted to the European framework directive. In addition to managing waste correctly and safely, it works to generate reusable and recyclable products, while rejecting complex reuse processes, thus minimizing the generation of waste.

Alpiq can supply energy of certified renewable origin through the European scheme Guarantees of Origin (managed by CNMC in Spain), if the client so indicates in its request for offer.


Value Creation

Alpiq's business model is oriented towards the pursuit of excellence in all the activities in which it develops its business project, creating sustainable value in all the countries where the company is present, where it generates wealth, makes investments and creates jobs.

Alpiq is positioned closer and closer to its customers, with whom it maintains a fluid communication channel. This communication leads to a strong commitment that enables you to offer the best and most innovative solutions to your customers through the most efficient technologies and always adapted to your needs.

As a leading company in the energy sector, it has the necessary and adequate experience for the sustainable production of electricity, always in the hands of innovation and with high quality standards.



energies. Additionally, the sustainable use of non-renewable resources and the generation of low emissions to preserve and protect the environment is always pursued.

Guaranteeing the supply of energy, while reducing dependence on fossil fuels is essential to achieving energy efficiency and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Alpiq strives to contribute actively to the energy future of our planet. Investing in renewable energies, such as wind and solar energy, makes use of intelligent technologies at all levels and designs solutions oriented towards the future, always looking towards achieving the energy efficiency of its customers.

Many of the Alpiq Group's plants are certified by the current environmental regulations. In addition, they are reviewed periodically to continue reducing emissions. The plant located in Spain is an example of this. It emits one third less emissions than conventional plants.

Energy resources are finite and awareness of the effects of emissions is essential to achieve an efficient use of energy.

Alpiq promotes the use of new technologies through all its activities, contributing to the protection of the climate and the planet, and actively participating in building a sustainable and environmentally friendly future, through the research, production, diffusion and use of sustainable energy, walking decisively towards a better world.


Social Dimension

Maintaining a constant and fluid dialogue with all those groups that interact with Alpiq is fundamental to build a better future. Therefore, Alpiq strives to use intelligent and efficient technology so that all people related to Alpiq, directly or indirectly, benefit and help build a better world.

Alpiq gradually reinforces its commitment to social responsibility to enrich the value chain, enhancing ethical and responsible behavior. In this line, it carries out an optimal management of the company's human resources, with a highly qualified team and trained based on the capabilities of each employee. All this without losing sight of the importance of reinforcing equal opportunities in each activity carried out.

For Alpiq, relations with its stakeholders are fundamental. Therefore, it seeks to understand their expectations through the promotion of better communication and dialogue mechanisms, contributing to the social and economic development of each country in which it is present.

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