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Clarification relating to media report published on 7 April 2019


“Clarification relating to media report published on 7 April 2019”


Extract from a Letter from Jens Alder (ALPIQ Group Executive Chairman) from 08 April 2019:

“Last Friday, the sale of EDF’s block of Alpiq shares was announced. In this context, the NZZ am Sonntag newspaper dated 7 April 2019 published an article entitled “Alpiq is not simply going to delist. The Group is to shrink massively”, containing false and misleading statements and drawing erroneous conclusions.

Alpiq’s management would like to clarify the following: The basis is Alpiq’s current business model. The important role of the international business, both in terms of generation as well as in trading and marketing, in stabilising and increasing the value of the Swiss core business is undisputed. The vision of some shareholders is to become less dependent on international generation by achieving the necessary improvements to the Swiss framework conditions for a competitive, profitable hydropower business. Alpiq’s management shares this long-term vision.”

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